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so today a box on my stove caught on fire and almost burned down the house and my brother panicked so he just kind of picked up everything on fire and moved it outside while it was still burning so my mom and i come home to shit scattered across the lawn, some still en flambe, smoke everywhere, the fire alarm screeching, and my brother on the phone freaking out

and the first thing out of my mouth is “what a warm welcome”


Celebrating Passover Argentina style! Our incredibly unkosher Seder plate, with crackers instead of Matzah, beet root instead of maror, no lamb shank, and no parsley. Despite the challenges, celebrating the holiday here with 20 goyim friends was honestly so wonderful and rewarding. This year in Salta, next year in Jerusalem. #passover #pesach #pesaj #argentjna #sederplate #Jewish #seder

A Portrait of the Artist as a Dirty Jew


There are some burdens that you only carry on the inside. One of these is Judaism.

Judaism is a multiracial ethnicity. It is also a religion. This is a matter of much confusion, and it could be the subject of an entirely different article.

Instead, today, on the eve of Passover, the commemoration of Jewish liberation from the hands of the Egyptians, I would prefer to discuss how my own life has been impacted by this nearly invisible status of being Jewish.

In Western culture, Jews have the ability to remain invisible as long as we are willing to deny our identity and practice. We are aware of this ability from a very early age. While many Jews may also be members of other minorities, our Judaism is something we can always hide.

What I hope to explore with you now is the experience that led me to decide not to hide my Judaism, despite the fact that I hide the rest of my identity behind a pseudonym.

It began when I was on the eve of my bar mitzvah…

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